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At Barber Art + Framing we offer you a custom mirror service that is unmatched in the framing industry. Our experienced staff will guide you through the frame design process, working with you to create a finished product that suits your design needs and your budget. 

Framed, Frameless, Bevelled or Plain; our mirror is high quality (5mm), cut and fabricated on site in our production facility.

Our Custom Framing Services Include:

• Bronze, Grey and Black Mirror

• Satin Etch Mirror (Clear, Grey and Bronze)

• Low Iron Mirror

• Antique Mirror - nothing like your grandma's old antique mirror. We stock 23 different styles and colours of exquisite Antique Mirror

• Tech Mirror - designed to be placed in front of your wall mounted TV. It retains its reflective qualities until the TV is turned on and the screen becomes visible. Great potential for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and bars.

Custom Mirror Gallery
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